980 Happy Valley Rd.
Glasgow KY 42141
(270) 678-1805

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Ron and Billie Bowles

After 34 years of sales experience, Ron and Billie Bowles accepted sales manager positions at the former Better Built Barns(C) in Gallatin Tennessee. After one year of working in the retail storage business, they have successfully created a business selling storage buildings, carports, playhouses, and gazebos. In October of 2006, only 1 year after opening Better Built Barns(C) in Gallatin, they took over a lot in Glasgow, KY under the name of R & B Services. Since then they have named their store-front, Happy Valley Barns, located at 980 Happy Valley Rd. in Glasgow, KY.

Ron and Billie work under the philosophy that no person should leave their business with-out a handshake and a friendly, "hello." You will see Ron on his Golf cart riding around the lot to talk to every person that drives in. Ron does not believe in pressuring people into buying his products. He would rather help people find what type of storage they need and of course he will be happy to provide it. Billie likes to tell this story:

One day a couple drove into the lot and drove in a big circle and headed right back out. While the rest of us here said, "oh they are just driving through," Ron wanted to make sure that they had a price list and knew that he was here to help them out. From the window we watched as Ron hopped into his golf cart and met them at the entrance. In less than a minute Ron got back into his golf cart and headed back, with the customer's truck in reverse following right behind. The couple came inside and found the building they wanted. In less than 10 minutes from the time we said, "Oh they are just driving through," they were the proud new owners of a wooden storage building.

The husband and wife team are happy to help out anyone that comes to the lot. They invite anyone to come in and talk to them and check out everything they have to offer.