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Storm Shelters


  • Pre-Cast 6,000 PSI concrete
  • Reinforced with 1/2' steel rebar on a 12" grid and 4 gauge wire mesh in a 6" grid
  • 5" walls, floor, and ceiling (weights @ 17,000 pounds)
  • Aluminum tread plate steps
  • Handrail on steps
  • Texas Tech University tested door deemed suitable with FEMA 320 guidelines
  • Dual gas operated door assist
  • Heavy duty ship door latch
  • Free delivery and install in Adair and adjacent counties

Installation Process

  • Shelter is delivered
  • Location is excavated
  • One half of the shelter is placed into hole and leveled
  • A permanent seal is applied
  • The top portion of the shelter is attached with 1/4" aluminum plates and 20 1/2" concrete bolts
  • Soil is backfilled around the shelter (landscaping and/or sowing grass not included)

Prior to Installation

  • Determine the location of your shelter
  • Determine if there are underground utilites such as telephone, gas, electricity, cable, or sewer lines.
  • Your utilities companies can locate if you are unsure.
  • Obtain building permit. (if required)
  • Pyles Concrete will make a site inspection to determine if there is any rock. If rock is present the customer will pay additional installation charges for rock removal or chose an alternate location free of rock.

Our shelter door has been tested by Texas Tech the nation's leading authority in wind research and is deemed suitable along FEMA 320 guidelines.

The Texas Tech test report concludes:

"The tests demonstrated that the below ground shelter door assembly was capable of resisting the missle impacts, per the guidelines of FEMA 320, and is therefore suitable for use as tornado shelters. The 15 lb. 2X4 missle propelled at 100 mph is required by FEMA 320 and relates to a missle propelled by a 250 mph ground speed tornado." The report further states that "The concrete portion of the Pyles shelter was 5 inch thick concrete reinforced with #4 rebar at 12 inches on center with 6x6x6x6 WWF mesh. The concrete design has been successfully tested many times and was not required to be retested. Note* FEMA does not endorse shelters of any kind. Shelter guidelines and specifications are established by the National Storm Shelter Association.

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