Wood Furniture

outdoor furniture
  • 5 Foot Cedar Cupholder Glider ..              $275.
  • 5 Foot Adirondack Cup Holder Swing     $198.
  • 4 Foot Adirondack Swing                           $138.
  • 5 Foot Adirondack Cupholder Glider      $240.
  • 4 Foot Adirondack Glider                          $192.
  • 2 Foot Adirondack Glider                          $144.
  • 5 Foot Standard Glider                               $180.
  • 4 Foot Standard Glider                               $168.
  •  6 Foot Standard Swing                              $132.
  •  5 Foot Standard Swing                              $114.
  •  4 Foot Standard Swing                              $102.

Poly Furniture

high back
deck chair
serving bar
round pedestal
Oval table set
childs table

What Is Poly Furniture

  • Made with recycled polyethylene (like milk jugs)
  • Poly lumber will not crack, rot or splinter.
  • never needs painting or refinishing
  • Is UV stabilized to resist fading
  • Can be left outside year around without harming it
  • Should last a liftime

Design Your Furniture Your Way                                                                                                                                                                                                                        At LawnCraft we strive to make your furniture the way you want it.We can mix and match any color combination you wish.Those may include the colors of your favorite team or school.Colors shown may vary some. Ask to see actual sample blocks of colors available. Do you wish to have yours without cup holders or maybe just on one side LH or RH? No Problem! Order yours as you want. You can also option between stainless steel verses zinc chains, but zinc will eventually lose its shine and become discolored or rust

Our Features:

  • Our furniture is assembled using stainless steel bolts, nuts and screws.
  • All furniture comes standard with cup holders in both arms
  • swing chains have an 800 lb. rating in ether zinc plated or stainless
  • All 4' and 5' swings,gliders and benches have heavy duty aluminum angles for stiffener supports
  • Back angles are powder coated for added longevity and beauty
  • We use poly glider hanging arms assembled using double stainless bearings at hinge points. This provides a more heavy duty and smooth glide.